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Entrepreneurship can be lonely. The Platform at Greer helps fight those feelings of isolation by connecting founders with their people. Our community is full of trailblazers, problem solvers, and inspirational leaders.The Platform is an initiative of Greer, South Carolina’s Economic Development team and its partners, but you don’t have to live or work here to get on board. We’d welcome your business here, of course, but our goal is to grow Greer into an innovation hub where founders from all over the state come to find support, resources, and inspiration.

Connect with our Community. The Platform hosts monthly networking events to help founders connect, collaborate, and learn together. Several times a year, The Platform and our partners at BlueInc Strategies host Bootcamp, an intense, two-day sprint pairing entrepreneurs with expert coaches from some of the world’s biggest companies.



Calvin Ivery
It’s the most fearful two days of your life, but after two days, it’s the most exhilarating experience as a business owner.
CALVIN IVERY, SC DreamChasers founder
It’s top-level, world-class. The number of high profile people involved is incredible. I especially loved the intensity of working 1 on 1 with the coach.
Eric Cooperman
It’s a spirit of true giving back from the judges, coaches, and community that sets a tone for the future.
ERIC COOPERMAN, Bottle Titan founder

Why is this initiative called The Platform at Greer?

A few years ago, economic development leaders set out to create programming for entrepreneurs and innovators that provided educational content, meaningful connections, and a support system for trailblazers and problem solvers. When deciding what to call this initiative, organizers settled on The Platform at Greer as a nod to the railroads that have moved commerce through the city for more than a century. Greer’s economy grew up around the old train depot that served as both a launching point and a destination. The Platform at Greer exists to help entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.